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I help companies with new market entries, modern digital solutions and tailored workflows automations
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Webflow website development

User-friendly websites and landing pages using Webflow to showcase your products or services and attract new customers.

Notion for business operation

Customized Notion workspaces to streamline workflows, track projects, manage deadlines, and improve collaboration for businesses.

AI Solutions and automations

Solutions that not make you business modern and more faster and ready to face new challenges.

Strategic Business Travel

Strategic planning, brainstorming sessions, and knowledge sharing in stunning locations that foster creativity and collaboration between the Nordics and Portugal
Best site

This is the best site I have browsed! Everything makes sense!

Barbara Batista
Marketing Manager
Very Smooth

Ricardo built very smoothly functioning landing page for my project. Ricardo had great "can do" attitude.

Tuukka Saukkonen
Startup Founder
Why Not

Even with a slightly out-of-the-box request, Ricardo didn't say no. Instead, Ricardo's vision has always been: why not

Sérgio Ângelo


Review and recommend tools that can help with digital transformation, market entry, CRM, marketing automation, and AI.
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Short, actionable tips and best practices for Notion, Webflow, and AI tools.
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Briefly highlight success stories and lessons learned from companies that have successfully expanded internationally.
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The What, the Why and the How

The What

Comprehensive business solutions designed to connect Nordic and Portuguese markets. I provide everything you need to expand your business horizons.

The services also include Webflow Website Development, customized Notion workspaces for Business Operations, Basic AI Solutions, and exclusive Corporate Travel Services that blend business and culture seamlessly.

The Why

Expanding into a new market or enhancing your business operations requires specialized expertise and tailored strategies.
My experience in digital transformation via Webflow and Notion, coupled Internacional market lead generation, optimize your digital presence and operational efficiency.

The How

Understanding your business goals and market challenges through detailed consultations. I develop a multi-channel approach, to each market's specific needs.
The website will be visually appealing and your workspaces and the dashboards will empower you.