My name is Ricardo Moreira and I am a Web developer. I was born in Portugal but I live in Finland with my wife and 2 daughters. I create Good Stuff Creations focused in local producers and small groceries.

Before I learn web development, I spent many years working for hospitality. From bars, hotel to restaurants, from waiter to kitchen helper, manager, or owner I did a bit of all. Every day more the world is getting more digital and many companies are still lacking in this aspect, only having their digital presence in a Social Media that they can't control or have an old website that doesn't deliver the results it should. I want to help close that gap. With your help, and my knowledge from both sides ( web development and hospitality) I can deliver you a solution that helps you business grow.

Also, feel free to connect with me here or with the bluebird help for any question that may arise you.

You can learn more about me and my other projects in my personal website