Xavier Coiffard

Don't overthink. Just do it

October 24, 2022

What was the first product you build?

My first product is Spredtheworld It's a database of 400+ places where you can post your startup and get your first users.

Was it successful?

Yes, I sold more than 150 copies of it and made more than $10k!

What are you building now?

Last year I spent 6 months building 6 products. I'm now focusing on growing 3 of them:

  • UserBooster.co - a Notion template that helps you get your first users and build your launch strategy
  • PipeSocial.io: It's a CRM for Twitter DMs. With PipeSocial, you will never miss a DM again. You also get reminders to follow up on an important conversation that you snoozed.
  • Marketing4Makers: a private community of makers that want to improve their marketing skills

What was(is) the most successful product you build?

UserBooster is probably the most successful one (for now!). That's the one that gets more traction and attention.

However, my favorite is Marketing4Makers, a community takes time to grow, but it's incredibly rewarding. I love helping other founders every day!

What drives you to build a product?

The idea!

I always use the same protocol: I spend time in communities, look for recurrent patterns/pains, and think of how I could fix these.

Then I talk to a bunch of people, and if they feel the same pain, I build something as fast as I can to validate it.

Favorite tool?

My favorite tool is probably Twitter. I use it every day to build my personal brand, make new friends and learn new things.

Word of advice?

Don't overthink. Just do it. You will learn much more by doing than thinking of the best way to start.

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