Bed and Breakfast marketing with Loop Genius

If marketing is something your company lacks of, maybe Loop Genius can give you a hand.

It's a web based platform ( so no need to install nothing) that helps you create marketing campaigns and strategies, with social media, landing pages and even email campaigns.

They claim 4 strong points :

  • Turn your idea into a landing page in 30 seconds ( Actually you can check on the tutorial how easy it is)
  • Drive traffic from TikTok to your landing page
  • Capture email 3 times faster then normal websites
  • Convert emails to customers with campaigns

But what are the loops?

Instead of a sales funnel, think of a loop as a dynamic marketing strategy that can convert customers using different channels. Based on your insights it lets you create a script and video for Tik Tok or even Youtube.

They have many things aligned as you can see here.

I found it easily to find and actually, the script created seems almost natural language, but don't worry if its not as you can adjust and edit to your wishes.

Now they are offering a free plan and also a premium plan, It seems that the free plan is not forever, so if you want to try before paying is a good time.

Video Tutorial

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