Build AI apps without code

What is it

With Alta you create apps and create your own chatbot in few minutes.

All that made with nocode and within minutes.

You don’t need to know how to code or program to make the chat bot or even the intro APP. You can use Alta’s no-code tools to design your app, connect your data, and publish it on the web, iOS, or Android.

Some examples of AI apps that you can make with Alta are:

  • A chatbot that can answer questions or provide customer service.
  • A mobile app that can detect objects or faces in photos or videos.

Use Cases

  1. Chat Bot - Create your chat bot for your hotel where you can give info about your rooms, prices and even accept the bookings
  2. Customer based app - Do a app for your restaurant where you feature all your food menu
  3. Employer based app - Do a app for your workers for them to register their schedule


Has a free version with some limitations but let's you explore. Then has the Grow and Scale plan


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