Spikes Studio

From Long Videos To Viral Clips. In 1 click

What is it

Creating short videos from long videos is getting easier. Spikes Studios helps you in repurpose videos to your wishes.

It has auto captions, you can add images ( yours and AI generated) audio and animations.

By being powered by AI, Spikes Studio can pick up your video and see what part should be focus on for the short format.

Use Cases

  1. Fitness Instructor: Create online workout sessions and use Spike Studio to take the best moments from the live streams and use them on social media
  2. Educational Content Creator: When you have a long educational video you can extract the most important parts with Spike Studio
  3. Cooking Vlogger: From your cooking sessions, create short videos of it. You can use the auto-caption to create subtititles in differeant languages and reach different markets


Comes with a free version that goes up t0 30 minutes a month, then Pro+ with 14.10$ and Enterprise to 56.40$


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