Run & scale your go-to-market — with AI

What is it

Copy.Ai is your marketing and sales partner, letting you focus on what is more important for you.

Divided by two platforms - AI Marketing OS and AI Sales OS, where the former lets you create content for repurposing, transcript to content, multichannels campaigns, nurture email among others; the latter you can create lead enrichment, automated battle card, content from call scripts, personalized cold outreach among many other features.

It comes with many templates to let you started and also hears your "brand voice" making it easy to achieve a consistent brand and message

Use Cases

1.-Blog post writing - For example, if you have a travel blog you can use to generate blog post ideas or even a full article. Even if you are busy traveling, it can help you set a posting schedule
2.-Social Media Management - If you have a small boutique, you can use this tool to create product descriptions and promotional posts.
3.- Email Marketing - Write emails for your marketing campaigns no matter what is your business. You can even use the Copy.Ai translation feature and attract new markets


Comes with a free version up to 1 seat and 2000 words in chat. Then also has a Pro, Team and Enterprise version. Pro - 36$/ month and Team 186$/month


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