Big Vu

Be concise, record with a teleprompter

What is it

BIGVU is a video tool to make your content creation process simple! You can create engaging videos that connect with your audience on any social media platform, vlog, emails or chat messages.

Some Features

  • Voice to Script - Get your message across with ease using the Voice to Script feature that leverages AI technology to craft a compelling script for you in just a few seconds!
  • Capture Videos with AI - Recording the perfect video just got easier! With BIGVU's AI-powered teleprompter, you can read your script while recording with the front-facing camera, and trim your video with ease.
  • Elegant Subtitles & Styling - Make your videos stand out from the crowd with subtitles, split-screens, stylish title animations, and a professional business card outro that includes your contact details.
  • Auto-Post to All Channels - Save time and energy by posting your videos across all platforms in one go. Simply select the platforms you want to post on, and BIGVU takes care of the rest, creating unique descriptions for each platform.

You can also boost audio levels, capture multiple takes, and choose the best ones for your vlog or marketing strategy.


Use Cases

  1. Social media marketing - Create videos that engage your audience. You can create for any social media platform. From teleprompter to subtitile, stock footage and more
  2. Product demos and tutorials: - You can tutorials for your products and services and even product demos. You can add CTA, captions and annotations to drive more sales.
  3. Internal communication and training - For internal use like for use internal communication and training.


Has a free version and 3 paid plans : 8€, 11€, 13€


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