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What is it

I discovered Hyperwrite when I heard about the Hyperwrite assistant. What is it? It's the secretary that helps you with tasks that you would have to deal with but don't have time or want to do.

From cleaning spam, writing a post on Twitter, searching for documents for the meeting you have on your calendar in 2 hours, sending messages to Linkedin contacts, and even creating documents, this assistant is your right arm for your everyday.

Exploring further, Hyperwrite has many tools that help you to improve your business, especially if you are a solopreneur.

Here are some of the tools that can help you further:

  1. Email Responder- Generate a response to an email in your inbox
  2. Create a speech- Give it a topic and it will generate a speech for you
  3. Multilingual email responder
  4. Social Media copy- Posts for Twitter, texts for Linkedin, and more
  5. Many More

It comes with a free version and the premium version goes at 19.99€/ month and the Ultra at 44.99€/month.

There are downsides of course. I tried the content writer and is... clearly made by AI. And that is been the problem with many AI that write content.

Also, even the free version of Chat Gpt can have most of these features as long you know how to write the prompts, and that is one of the catches.

But it's great to get you started and with the text that gives you, you can work it and then change it to your needs.

Also, the AI assistant is great, even the free version.

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