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If you go to a restaurant or are searching for some country, I would say you want to search for real pictures, not AI images right?
At least, I think that. That being said, you do need some Typography, some social media posts, or some campaigns, and in those you don't necessarily need a real photo and you can play around.

AI has grown a lot in the Image generators by text. The truth seems that still lacks some tool that helps with graphic design.

Ideogram can be a/one solution. Based in Toronto and with the free version enabled, Ideogram lets you also create images, and it seems (for now) that with a short prompt, you can get good results for graphic design. Another idea is that you can see the prompts that other people use and adapt to your needs.
They just Raised CAD 22.3 Million in a seed round, so they seem they are on a good route to grow.

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