A new model trained to understand and code UI designs like humans.

What is it

Kombai serves as a valuable resource in transforming your UI design into functional code. The essence of UI design lies in enhancing the visual appeal and user-friendliness of websites or applications. To create an UI, you can utilize tools such as Figma to craft your desired design before transferring it to Kombai's platform.

Thereafter, Kombai will generate customized code that corresponds with your preferences, enabling the seamless functionality of your website or app. You have the flexibility to select from various coding options like React or HTML + CSS based on your requirements.

Additionally, Kombai offers different styles such as Tailwind or MUI for further customization possibilities. Essentially acting as an intelligent assistant, Kombai simplifies the process by autonomously coding your envisioned UI design

Use Cases

  1. Create responsive web pages for your business.
  2. A food delivery app developer can use Kombai to create user-friendly and interactive app screens for their customers
  3. A travel magazine designer can use Kombai to create stunning and professional magazine covers and pages for their readers.


Comes with a free version and then a enterprise version


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