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What is it

Visily is a wireframe tool that enables non-designers to create app mockups in minutes. It uses artificial intelligence to convert sketches, screenshots, text prompts, or templates into high-fidelity wireframes that can be customized and refined. Visily also offers a rich UI library, a smart design system, and a collaborative workflow.

Created in Vietnam and Buu Nguyen​ is the founder but their team is growing more everytime.

If you are not an expert in design but you need to do mockups this tool is for you but also if you know how to to mockups, Visaly is also perfect as it saves many hours.

Price you ask? Free. Yes for now Visily is all free. They mention that they will introduce plan but they will always have a free version. Go check it and tell me what you think

Use Cases

  • Creating Wireframes
  • High Fidelity Mockups and prototypes
  • App wireframes

Business Ideas:

  • UI/UX Design Business- Create mockups and prototypes for clients websites
  • Digital Marketing Agency

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