Wicked Background

Create beautiful backgrounds waves for your designs

What is it

If you are looking for a way to enhance the aesthetics of your website or mobile app, Wicked Backgrounds has got you covered!

With Wicked Backgrounds, you can easily create stunning wave gradients that will make your design pop. These gradients are perfect for captivating your visitors' attention and reducing your website's bounce rate.

You can fully customize your background with options for the number of waves, angle, color, and color mode. Choose from gradient or color spin, export as SVG or PNG, and use them anywhere from your website to mobile presentations.

Use Cases

  1. Website design - You can create unique designs for your website and landing pages
  2. Mobiles customization. A business where one could create your own mobile cover design and order it
  3. Presentations and marketing materials - Create presentations ormarketing materials for your business.




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